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Getting there


The nearest airport to Viña del Mar is Santiago (SCL) Airport which is 81.8 km away. The transfer from Santiago (SCL) to Viña del Mar takes around 2h 16m.

By Air

Santiago de Chile Airport (IATA: SCL, ICAO: SCEL), also known as Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Santiago Airport or Pudahuel Airport, serves the city of Santiago and it is the largest and busiest airport in Chile. Santiago Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 which handles national flights and Terminal 2 that handles international flights.


How to get from SCL to Vina del Mar and to the conference venue:

From the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, you need to go to the Pajaritos metro station. There are two ways to get to the Pajaritos metro station.

Bus: Turbus line has connections from the airport to the Pajaritos subway station, from Monday to Sunday between 06:00 and 22:45 hrs., and has an approximate value of CLP $2.000 (approximately 2.5 Euros).

Taxi: You can choose from the website:, the cost is approximately CLP $15,000 to CLP $25,000 (17 Euros to 28.6 Euros).

At the Pajaritos subway station, you should go to the bus terminal (located inside the station) and look for the interprovincial bus lines that go to Viña del Mar if that is where you are staying; we recommend Turbus or Pullman Bus. The price of the ticket depends on the day, time and category. The price of the ticket starts at CLP $5000 to $8500 (5,7 Euros to 9,7 Euros).

The bus will drop you at Viña del Mar Station, which is 3 blocks east of DownTown and the Plaza de Armas (Central Square). Taxis are available at this point, but if you want to save some money, walk east to Plaza de Viña, and ask for transportation to your destination.

If you come from Santiago, there may be a shortage of coach bus tickets sometimes, specially in national holidays and summer vacation. In that case, take a coach bus to the city of Quilpue and then take a taxi or the Merval metro.

Schedule for Downtown Santiago: Buses depart from 05:00am to 00:00am, every 30 minutes. This bus only runs at 06:18 pm (Monday to Friday).

Stops: Airport, Autopista Vesp. Norte, El Rosal, Alto Jahuel, Gral. Bueras, Av. Chile, Chacabuco, Av. Portales.

One-way ticket: CLP 1,900
Round way ticket: CLP 3,400

More information: +56 2 2822 7744 / 600 660 6600


Santiago Airport has introduced a controlled route system known as Vía Controlada that provides taxi service. This new system allows passengers to know beforehand the charged fare before picking up the taxi and make sure the driver has licence to operate at the airport. Passengers should bear in mind that there are two kind of taxis available at Santiago Airport: Black and Yellow - The regular ones. They run with a meter. Blue - The tourist ones.Taxis charges are fixed according to destination. When pre paying the fare, passengers get a voucher showing their destination, fare and taxi stand location in the Vía Controlada area where their designated vehicle will be on standby.

To guarantee safety, passengers are advised to only ride official and authorized taxis.

We recommend to ignore the aggressive taxi drivers and representatives which are located in the baggage claim area. Don’t even dare to ask them for fares, since they will not leave you alone even if you tell them loud and clear you are not interested in their services. In fact, some travellers complained about being followed within the terminal by these people. Be careful. If you choose to ride a non-tourist cab, a blue one, we recommend you to think twice unless your negotiation skills in Spanish are confident enough.

In order to take a taxi, the ground transportation desk is located at the luggage claim area, before the exit gates inside of the Arrivals Hall. Have in mind that you can pick up a taxi without requesting it previously. The taxi rank lies outside the main terminal, facing it.

If you wish to pre-book a taxi, you can do so directly from any of the authorized airport vehicle services.

To request a fixed-rate taxi, please call Vía Controlada: +56 9 4273 2887.

Other companies: Taxi Oficial: +56 2601 9880, Opening hours: 24 hours.

Expect fares between CLP 15,000 and CLP 20,000 for a one-way ride to downtown Santiago. Prices may vary according to day, time and destination.

*fares may change. 

We recommend the following companies:  Taxis - Vía Controlada, Taxi Turismo Oficial or Taxi Básico Oficial. The price from the airport to Viña del Mar is CLP $100000, approximately $115 Euros


Get to your destination by booking private Santiago Airport transfer here: or here:

Rent a car:

In Santiago Airport you can find the following car rental companies by clicking here. All car rental partners are located in the first level, gate 2.


To help you with the flight search you can use sites like:



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